Trains from Glasgow to Reading?

    We are thinking of having the in-laws down for Christmas and I was looking at train fares from Glasgow to London coming down on 23 Dec going back on 30 Dec but it is coming up with over £200 for the two of them!! I have seen somewhere about splitting the journey to get a cheaper deal, does anyone know anything about this? They are in their 70s and I think they would rather come cross country than via London and it is probably better to avoid too many changes!
    Any thoughts and ideas appreciated.


    there was a thread yesterday about and how the prices quoted now are the most expensive, and that they release cheep tickets closer to the date of travel…am/

    You can break it up Glasgow-London and London-Reading which should save you a bit. But, advance fares are only available for 23 December, not 30 December. This link shows current available advance fares dates (because you have to reserve a seat to get cheapest fares).…spx

    Might be worth waiting to see when 30 December is released although as it's Xmas/New Year, they may not release any tickets at all. It could be cheaper to fly. :whistling:

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    Thanks for the tips, I hadn't seen that post about cheap fares being available later so I may hang on a bit, I have looked at flights and at the moment they are also around the £200 mark... HAPPY CHRISTMAS one and all :santa:
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