Hi Ive looked at the various deals on here and on MSE.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any offers on these at the moment.

    Im looking for an 8ft Trampoline and Enclosure.

    Thanks for your help


    littlewoods direct have 1 for 114.50 delivered and 20%off code xx701 still works

    try additions direct too think they have money off and you can use same code

    [SIZE="4"]hi i bought a 10 foot one from focus, it was £99.99 but i got my mum to pay for it because she is an old girl and gets 10% discount so it was £90.00[/SIZE]:thumbsup:

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    Thank you both for your quick replies.

    I had already ordered one online and have now been told that they dont have any in stock and wont be getting any 15 days after placing the order.

    I have looked at the Littlewoods/Additions and the delviery time is too long as my daughters birthday is in 2 and a half weeks and its a 4 week delivery.

    Unfortunatley we dont have a focus anymore as both the ones in Blackpool have closed down.

    I have looked and the only one i can find that will be delivered in time is Woolworths. How ever they do not state the weight limit for the trampoline.

    Other alternative is B and Q but this only has a 14 stone weight limit.

    Argos out of Stock. B and M's have trampoline only and no enclosure. I wonder if enclosures are interchangeable

    Saw one in Adsa at the weekend its was £79.99:thumbsup:

    Our Asda has been selling Trampoline and enclosure 7.5ft at £70.

    We bought a 12ft trampoline from B&Q last summer. After 4 months the elastic that held the cushions on had perished so I took it back. After a ten minute altercation with a numpty and my step son desperately trying to disappear as I explained the Sale of Goods Act to said numpty I got a full refund.

    Moral buy a TP trampoline or make sure you keep all the receipts.


    asda have the 7.5ft for £79.99 or 10ft for £99.99


    asda have the 7.5ft for £79.99 or 10ft for £99.99

    That's including the enclosures too! (Well,it is in the Hemel Hempstead store).

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    Thank you everyone.

    I went and got one from Asda last night. 10foot £98 bargain.

    Thanks Again everyone, had to take daughter with me as we went past them she was asking if she could have as it would be the best thing in the world.

    She will be so pleased when she wakes up on her birthday and sees it in the garden.
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