trampoline enclosere 8ft - just the net - were to buy

Anyone know were to get one from, daughters have a big hole in it and just need the net.


A friend of mine had this problem very recently - it worked out cheaper to buy a whole new set (trampoline & enclosure) than to try & buy the enclosure on its own!


yes, as said above it seems cheaper to buy a complete package than just the poles and net


i have this trampoline and the enclosure was seperate


]>TRAMPOLINE+ENCLOSURE.htmi have this trampoline and the enclosure was seperate

I bought a replacement net for our 14ft one on ebay for about £45 including delivery not sure what style you are looking for though


i needed to replace net and surround as people have said it's cheaper to buy a new one! i didn't want to as the trampoline itself is fine so i've only replaced the surround so far and that was from jumpforfun for £50 (10ft) and the quailty was soo much better than the one it came with, so worth doing.

If it's only one big hole is there no anyway of reparing it with some stong nylon thread? Mine was ripped to shreads by puppy jumping up to get the cat which would thease her!

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thanks all.
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