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    My daughter would like a trampoline for her 10th birthday this week and we're just wondering if there are any good deals out there.

    Also is an 8ft big enough for her or should we go for a 10ft.

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    Hi, i brought the 10ft one complete with enclosure from asda for mine, it is brilliant cost £97

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    Thanks Surfbunny. So do you think it's better to go for a 10ft rather than an 8ft one. I'm just thinking 10ft may be quite big for our garden.

    as#1 Asda or here,they also have the 8ft size which is 89.99


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    Thanks Deb. 8ft out of stock at the mo but they have a store in Liverpool so I suppose I could try the shop.

    It depends on the size of ur garden and how big ur child is and whether she has friends round quite often. i have got 3 kids and limit them to 2 at a time, my neighbour has got an 8ft one with 3 under 6s and hers doesnt look as sturdy

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    My daughter is 10 this week and my youngest is 6 next month and their best mate from across the road will most likely be joinging them quite a bit.

    We haven't got a big garden and thats why I was thinking 8ft but if she won't be able to play on it for long i.e. she will grow out of it, then maybe we should go for the 10ft version instead.

    All your advice on this is really appreciated. :thumbsup:

    Just a bit of advice from when i got ours. Most 8ft enclosures cover the trampoline bit you jump on and not the padding which covers the springs, if that makes sense ! Bearing in mind that the padding is roughly 1ft it effectively bring the enclosure net down to only 6ft wide. The only one that i saw, checked Asda, Makro, Focus, Homebase, was from B&Q. Their enclosure net covers the bit you jump on AND the padding - so effectively 8ft wide.

    The B&Q one was 10x better quality than the Makro one i first got... also B&Q have got a 15% off sale on atm if you catch it quick. I would highly recommend the B&Q over all others. Take a look at the piccys on homebase etc website and youll see what i mean about the enclosure. For me it gave me 2 kids that extra bit of space ;-)

    EDIT: just checked the Homebase website and theyve obviously now changed design to cover the spring padding. Bear it in mind though if you look elsewhere.

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    I'm just wondering which ones are supposed to be the saftest, the ones with the net on the inner part of the padding or the ones with the net on the outer? Other half is worried that there are a lot of accidents every year on trampolines.
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