Hi,looking for a 8-10ft trampoline with safety net.Does anyone know where the best place to buy them.Thanks...


    Firstly I saw this 8ft trampoline and enclosure (sold seperately) from woolworths. (Click either image to go to that page)

    They are £79.99 EACH making this £159.98 + del

    However, the enclosure is temporarily out of stock.
    At LXDirect there is a good 8ft one as well... (About £108.50)


    Well, I've written this post so far, I'm not deleting it...I'll keep going!!

    If you can fit a 12ft one, there is stock available of both the net and the trampoline at [color=blue][/color] which looks the exact same as the above items - this totals £193.48 delivered, but you can use a 10% discount code from the vouchers section above, bring it to [size=6]£174.13.[/size]

    I don't know if you've been looking around and got other prices, but this seems good, but it just might be too big for you.!!!!


    Another: trampoline and surround [color=blue][/color]

    This one would be £175.00…htm

    8ft Trampoline and Enclosure.
    item number 3681385
    OUT of stock at moment though sorry,

    the 10ft one is - "This item cannot be reserved for store pick up
    Delivery currently 35 days, subject to stock"

    10ft Trampoline and Enclosure
    item number 3682047

    TP Big Bouncer Trampoline - 8 ft
    tramp and enclosure, in stock
    Quidco 4%
    voucher code discount 20% off using BC0506 or others from voucher code section

    FREE DELIVERY aswell

    £140 to pay at elc and £5.60 cashback at quidco
    should work out £134.60 for the whole thing,

    B&Q price match then take off an additional 10%. I went to B&Q and told them that Woolies were selling them for £79. They rang Woolies to check then sold me one for £71. They even carried it to my car for me. :thumbsup:

    I recently bought an 8ft trampoline with enclosure for £99.99 at FOCUS. Have looked online but they don't list them on the website. Though they do list them in their leaflet, item number 193240. Might be worth giving your local store a ring? My local store only had 6 delivered last week, so best get in quick.

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    Thanks folks plenty to check out,thanks to all who replied.
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