Transcend Class 6 micro SDHC Card Deals / Advice

I've just got a new Nokia E72

I wan to upgrade the standard memory from 4GB to 8 / 16GB

Which is the best way to go?

Any advice please or know of any cheap details on compatible Class 6 micro SDHC cards


As a bench-mark I used 7dayshop.com, they're at £14.49...

However when i got it it was on HUKD for £11.50ish.. So I suppose it may be cheaper elsewhere..

Edit: lol ok didnt see 1st post, yeah thats little cheaper, never I've used gomemory. p.s., link 1 and 2 are same..

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p.s., link 1 and 2 are same..

Thanks for info :thumbsup:

Changed the linkiy thingy! :oops:

Bristle Hound;7876505

Thanks for info :thumbsup:Changed the linkiy thingy! :oops:

eek :w00t: £45 for 16gb??! yeah i think go for 8gb if your not doing anything serious on the phone. price will only drop for tech/memory..

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Just found this


It says class 6 but the speeds are - Read speed 2MB/s Write speed 2MB/s

Are these class 6?

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Or a class 2 16gb for just under £30?


Decisions! :?
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