Transfer data from one Xbox to the newer Xbox's?

I've got two Xbox's in my house. One downstairs where I do most of my gaming and one upstairs.

Now what I've learnt is when I plug my HDD from my main Xbox into my other Xbox upstairs, I can't access the arcade games or maps that I've downloaded on my Xbox downstairs.

Am I right in thinking that all the DLC you download is tied to the console instead of the gamertag?

If I was to buy a newer type Xbox and transfer the data from my old Xbox, will I be able to use the DLC I've bought on my old Gamertag/console?



think you have to sync it somehow through the xbox site, I had issues playing videos... but sorted it via the site... i'll try find more info

hope this is of use - clicky


I had to do this a month ago for one of my kids - transfer from a 20gb console to the new xbox360 s - transferring the licences took ages onto the new console as you had to upload them and download them. Also used the transfer kit to move hard drive data over. Basically I know nothing about it and managed with no real issues - apart from the 3/4 hours needed to transfer stuff over (about 120 game saves). All the content was also removed from the old hard drive at the end of the process. New Xbox360s worked fine though - all saved game data and achievements etc intact. Trying to find link used from Xbox, but this looks similar…box

Obviously one of the proper console experts may be able to advise a quicker / better way
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I just used a 16gb USB flash drive - downloaded all my purchased games and stuff from the old Xbox onto the drive, plugged it in the new Xbox and uploaded it all to my new Xbox. They all work so long as you're signed into Xbox Live - if you want to go about transferring all the DRM so your new console 'owns' the content then that's a pain in the ass.

So as long as you're always hooked up to live, just do the above and all your purchased content will work on the new one...


hope this is of use - clicky

This connects the licenses of the downloadable content to the consoles you own... very easy to do, and also once done you don't have to be connected to live to use or play your content.

I had a frustrating hour trying to figure out why i couldn't play my avi's on the console in the other room... until i synchronised the console with my gamertag after that i was sorted
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