Transfer from JFK airport to Manhattan

Posted 26th Jan
Hi, would be very grateful if anyone could tell us how to transfer. Our hotel is in Manhattan near a tube station. Thank you so much
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Yellow Cab for the flat fare.
Buckyball26/01/2020 10:30

Yellow Cab for the flat fare.

This, but don’t forget 10% tip minimum. Taxi driver nearly lynched us when we gave him a few coins that didn’t add up to 10%!
There is no such thing as a minimum tip.
You can catch the subway it takes about 45 mins. The subway is easy to use. Plenty of phone apps available to help plan.

A taxi is about 65 dollars. I think it cost me 58 back in 2014.

you will love nyc it’s an amazing place.
Buckyball26/01/2020 10:38

There is no such thing as a minimum tip.

No, but there's such a thing as an acceptable, save face tip.
I am going to NY later in the year I emailed the hotel last week asking what the fare would be as not to be ripped off they told me 52 dollars
This is the reply I got from them

JFK Taxi Information:

Taxis at JFK Airport charge a flat fare of $52 for trips between the airport and Manhattan. Taxis impose a $4.50 surcharge during peak hours (4-8 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays), for a fare of $56.50.
See you soon
Thank you for all the info. Is the subway direct from JFK?
A cab is best if there's more than one of you with luggage.

I generally travel to New York solo with a backpack, so paying the $9.75 for the AirTrain and Subway isn't too much hassle for me.
That said, when I was there last month, trains weren't running to Jamaica (for the airport) etc. so there were replacement bus services, trains not stopping where I wanted to go (and things like "the L train is running on the N train tracks, and has been replaced by the R train" sort of thing), and 20 min+ waits for connecting subway trains. Took 2-3x longer than it should have to get from JFK to Queens for me (something like Sutphin Blvd to Broadway, then towards Union Sq in Manhattan before backtracking to Queens) rather than a single, possible express, train straight to the Queensboro' stations).
What hotel are you staying at?
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anna200926/01/2020 12:38

Thank you for all the info. Is the subway direct from JFK?

No it’s not there is a change
If its your 1st time to NYC, or you have luggage i would highly reccomend a yellow cab.
Theres no hassle, its a fixed fee to anywhere in Manhatten.

Just exit arivals hall and look for the Taxis sign, there may be a queue but it goes down really quick and there will be a marshall to organise the traffic and direct you if you are unsure.

There will be random guys asking you if you want a taxi etc - IGNORE THEM! they are unlicensed and there are plenty of horror stories. You may be fine but why take the risk.
We are travelling with backpacks so no hassle with baggage. The train /subway is probably our chosen route- hope the trains running again . Very manythankstoall
Staying at the Ridge Hotel. Found this one from recommendation on this site. This is my go to place if any queries 😄 Thanks again to all
FYI no fixed cab fee from Manhattan to JFK (only the other way).
Subway is from Jamaica Street iirc
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