Transfer from OneDrive to different storage provider?

Found 5th Apr 2018

Grateful if people could let me know if there is a way to transfer files out of OneDrive into, say, Amazon drive? I have about 200gb of stuff uploaded . Thank you
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The only way possible on any cloud storage generally is to re upload it all again. As your moving from one supplier to another. They won’t offer a transfer facility.

You will need to make sure you have downloaded what you can from one drive if you don’t already have it on your hard drive and upload it to the other cloud storage.
Why you leaving OneDrive?, they claim they will not delete your Storage Contents if you fall back to the normal Free Account, just means you cant upload stuff anymore.

Anyway to answer your question, there are Free and Paid for Transfer Apps out there, that will move Cloud Storage across to another Cloud, one that springs to mind is multcloud, , which gives you, or used to, up to 2TB of Transfer without paying, another one is Otixo, ,but have monthly limits on the anount you can transfer for Free Accounts, you could try them.

Ive pretty much tried all the Cloud Hosters out there over the last 10 years, I used to be a Cloud Tester, Developer, one of my all time favorites is pCloud, (Im not connected with them in anyway) it does exactly what it says on the tin, its fast, has Apps for all Platforms and has some really nice and sometimes hidden features, its has an URL Upload option, meaning you can upload directly from one Web Source directly to pCloud without downloading, pCloud also have an Archive feature, which means you can link your OneDrive Account (also includes some others) into an Archive Folder, pCloud will them copy your OneDrive Folders into the Archive Folder in the Background, then once completed you can access your OneDrive Files and Folders via pCloud or Move that Archive Folder into another pCloud Folder if you want to delete your Onedrive account, You will need to pay for a pCloud account for anyting over the Free 10gb, but I would recommend them as a Paid For Cloud Provider.
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