Transfer Old Ps3 data, saves, account to new Ps3 Opinion about upgrading old ps3 to slim.

    Hi, Excuse my lack of knowledge. I have a old Ps3. First one that came out on release day. (Plays Ps2 games). I own a few games and lately my memory is getting full up. Only have two demos by the way. I am looking to upgrade to the PS3 120Gb slim. That way I will have more memory and can install more games (i.e. games you buy/ full metal gear solid to play you need to install first).

    So question, how do I transfer all my trophys, saves, account, etc over to the new Ps3. Plus is it worth it? I prefer the old look, the touch sensitive buttons but anyone else upgrading and can advise good reasons to tempt me?

    (Just popping out briefly so will be back to read all your brilliant comments. Thanks again all. ).



    just buy a 2.5" sata 500gb hard drive for around 70 quid and all your problems are solved

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    just buy a 2.5" sata 500gb hard drive for around 70 quid and all your … just buy a 2.5" sata 500gb hard drive for around 70 quid and all your problems are solved

    Awww where do you buy this and is it easy to fit? avoid warranty etc. Cheers.:thumbsup:

    Doesn't have to be 500GB, could be 320GB depending on how much you want to spend.

    Very simple to install but you'll have to backup the existing data to another drive first (external via USB).

    Trophies are saved on Sonys server so no worries about them, data such as saves, the way your PS3 'looks' and its settings youll need to backup onto a mem key, you'll also need to deactivate your old system to deactivate PSN purchases etc... the only thing it DOESNT save is your PSN account info like email addy and password to PSN... so try and remember that ok ;-)

    Regarding the warranty... doesnt effect it. Just KEEP your old drive on your new machine coz if it ever needs to go back to Sony they will not give you your new 500gb drive back if the unit needs replacing.

    TBH some peeps are saying the new slim isnt worth it... i personally wont be rushing out to buy one, it may be slimmer but its also longer, yeah so it consumes less power... but some peeps have said it also uses lower quality componants so....

    TBH like what has already been stated, if it were me id just upgrade the drive. If your Blu-Ray is fine then no need to worry... just whack in a 320/500gig and you're sorted ;-) Each to their own though.

    Upgrading the old PS3 hard drive is the easiest upgrade I have ever done, top marks to Sony for designing it that way, took less than 5 mins, search youtube for instructions.

    I have 500gig in mine (mine is also the original realease version and still going strong)

    Sod the slim version, looks cheap compared to the chrome finish original with the card reader & extra USB ports (which I do use)

    I got my 2.5" drive from Amazon, search for latest prices vs size, I opted for 500gb as I use Play TV and got loads of movies on it.

    Hope that helps in your decision.

    You have to sync your trophies first, when you go into the trophies section and bring up the menu there's an option to sync - choose this before changing the drive then again with the new drive to restore the trophies. Sony have an all in one backup tool or you can manually back up each item you want and then restore to the new drive.

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