Transfer programs from old XP to Win7 64bit (New Dell Vostro)

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Found 12th Mar 2010
My Vostro hasn't arrived yet but I'm starting to get ready. The last time I changed Desktops I just made an image of my old hard drive.

I've been reading up on ways to transfer programs without needing to reinstall each one, Software like PCmover and Moveme sound good. Specifically i want to be able to transfer Lego star wars/batman games and all saves(my sons) to the new PC.

Advice on best way to do this/cheapest/free software much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


If it is only game saves that are important then you can usually just copy the saved games from one directory on your old system, install the game on your new system and drop the saved games into an identical folder on the new system.

quick look of google showed this for lego star wars
It's the folder called LSW_0 or LSW_1 etc. Copy that folder into your main LEGO Star Wars Game folder and that should be it.


just reinstall as much easier really and you are going to 64bit so putting xp software on it via a registry / folder transfer tool is asking for long term problems.

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Thanks for the replies:thumbsup: Think i'll try and transfer saved game files, do a fresh install initially.

It's not going to be much help now, but something I was pleased to discover a few months ago is that almost all games released within the past three or four years seem quite happy to be copied from one PC to another without needing reinstalled. They'll usually forget their graphics configurations, but they seem happy enough to be running in a new install of Windows, and will happily set themselves up with a new Save folder if one hasn't already been copied over to where the game expects to find it. It might just be because my games are all cracked, but, hey ho. It's brilliant, saves so much time.
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