Transfer some iphone apps to my touch without loosing his contacts?

    I want to take a few games apps off my partners iphone to put on a touch. He is currently linked to his laptop, sorry dont know proper words for this. If i plug his phone into my computer and itunes i am scared it will take off all his contacts on his phone.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


    I am sure you can access his account on itunes...... sign in as him ( on itunes store), and then re download all of the items onto your computer?! there may be an easier way than this though, so i would wait for some more advice! :thumbsup:

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    ah should have said sorry,
    we only have one account his its just that when he first got his iphone he synced it to itunes on his laptop not the itunes on our main computer that has all our music and things for the kids. Its all the same account. Thanks anyway.
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