Found 8th Nov 2010
Relative died recently. We discovered some highly entertaining and sentimental family videos that he took, long forgotten.

I would love to get these upgraded onto a more suitable format so that they last longer and I can hopefully make copies and share with others.

Is DVD the best option to go for ? Are there companies that offer this service. Is it expensive for just 4-6 videos ?

I am not too techy and don't want to purchase expensive equipment for only a couple of uses.

Any help appreciated guys

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ebay item number - 220693518750
Something like that will do the job. Just search for "dazzle" in that ^ catagorey.
Do it yourself. Saves you paying postage and someone else to do it. That above or similar, a few blank disks, less than £15 all in
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Anything that has to be plugged into the PC can have problems and once on the PC you will have to encode the video file and transfer it to DVD . So, you have to have software as well as a DVD writer .Other problems related to this can be video/audio being out of sync , very common with some USB devices especially ones like EasyCap and others ,although the Dazzle device may not suffer from this . The easiest way is to link the video player to a HDD/DVD recorder and record onto Hard Drive or DVD . I use a LiteOn model . I can transfer the video to the built in HDD then run multiple copys off onto DVD . I can do some basic editing but cannot add soundtrack , overlays and titles as you can using a PC .If I can find time I could have done this for you ,as I've done quite a few , even from camcorder tapes .


You need a Easycap USB 2.0 Video TV DVD VHS Audio Capture Adapter £2.99 + £1.99 delivery and a video player.

Make sure you get one with disc.

ebay Item number: 230473916177

Don't go paying big money for Capture Adapters they all do the same thing.

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DO NOT SEND AWAY. Can get lost or even the person doing it some how wipes the tapes. Learn to do it yourself. I use the dazzle usb device works a charm.
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