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Found 5th Jun 2009
I am thinking of buying a netbook for researching material for my college subjects & generally reserching some interesting things. Just been looking up megaplumes for example.

So it would be used for internet, viewing videos on youtube, word & excel.

The netbooks are on Windows XP where as the laptop I get next year will be on windows vista. I would take it to Uni with me too but I know you never used to be able to transfer documents between the two Systems much to the annoyance of people trying to print coursework off in school last year!

Just wondering if there is a way or if I would be wasting my money getting one & not being able to use them simultaneously at collegg, having to keep switching depending on which the file is on.

Thanks alot



what do you mean by "you never used to be able to transfer documents between the two Systems"

i have a laptop XP and desktop Vista.. i can open/transfer files between the two machines.. yes there are difficulties in setting network between the two machines but there are plenty of ways to get around it

don't understand what your saying,
but as above....

there is no problem in networking xp and vista. also windows 7 will be out later this year and that networks easily with both xp and vista

I'm guessing because you are talking about coursework that you are talking about the difference between .docx files and .doc files. These are not dependent on the operating system but on which version of microsoft office you have. If you install Microsoft office 2007 on both the XP one and the Vista one you will be absolutely fine. You will have no problem using documents saved on either on the other one. You can easily email yourself the file, put it on a usb or whatever method you like to get the file on the other PC.

Even if you have the newer office on only one of the PC's you can save the files in "compatability mode" which allows the file to be read by the older office.

As above there is no problem sharing files between XP, and Vista or any other versions of Windows and OSX, Linux etc. Admittedly if I'm working on files that are being moved between PCs (particularly those with SSDs) I tend to stick with an external memory stick or hard drive.


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Thanks alot for the replies :thumbsup:

I didnt realise it was the version of Office affecting it. Never used vista myself but just knew that when people first started getting it they couldnt put work from home onto our school computers so assumed it was because of VIsta.

I will try & get Office 2007 on the Netbook then when I get it.

Reps for you all, well when I get back from work!


The office 2007 files tend to have an "x" at the end of the file extension (eg word docs end in .docx, powerpoint .pptx). It won't matter if you have office 2007 on your laptop and 2003 on your netbook. You can download a utility from MS for 2003 which will let you open 2007 documents and 2007 will automatically recognise 2003 documents

if it youve got word 2007 docx file but you dont have office 2007 oinstalled on your machine you can use online converter like this;
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