Transfering mobile number question?

    This is gonna sound silly...

    But i bought a iphone sim off ebay which gives free data for 12months, i already have a o2 sim which i use, so i phoned up and asked if i can keep my existing o2 number they said they'll get that done it'll take 24hours

    But i forgot to ask which sim should i keep/ use...

    My old existing sim card? or will my existing number be transfered onto my iphone sim?

    Thanks in advanced


    You need to move your number of your existing sim card over to your new sim card. I would assume you gave them both numbers?

    Original Poster

    ahh i see, yeah iv given both numbers and done it all fine, i was just unsure about which sim would have my old number on it ( my new sim or my old one)

    But from what you said, my new sim has my old number transferd on to it, is that correct

    cheers for the reply

    Indeed - they are moving your old number over to your new card.

    Original Poster

    thanks, rep left for help

    I done this not so long ago and their 24 hours turned into 74 so be warned just in case!
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