Transfering tunes from Ipod Classic to a laptop....Help

    I have an Ipod classic which was paired with another laptop, the laptop has since died.

    I have sync`d it with another PC, and the caption said that I would lose all the data on it as it was paired with the laptop that is dead.

    How do I now update it and add tunes ?

    I have tried plugging it inot another laptop which has the latest itunes installed, it let me play my tunes and look at whats on it, but wont let me take anything off.

    Just for those who may be thinking.. I have all the original tunes on cd .
    and nothing on the ipod is added from dubious sites etc.

    Any ideas please


    I had to do the same and used this link. It shows you how to transfer all the music into a file and then put it into itunes library. It really did work - but you have to pay attention!…BVo


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    easy to use ?

    I use ]sharepod
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