Transferring apps from computer to iPhone??

    Hello to you!

    I've got a bunch of apps on my computer for my iPhone (mainly games) and want to put them on my jailbroken iphone. Where do I start??

    Any help appreciated!


    They should all be on your itunes, if so then it will automatically sync over x

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    these are from 'other places' though...

    mine were too and ended up in there!

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    mine were too and ended up in there!

    so drag and drop 'em into itunes and then copy over should work?

    well on itunes u can add things from the folders, do that and they may go in there?

    google hackulous.. 'cough cough'

    If I have IPA's from other sources, I use a program called iPhoneBrowser (free), then place my IPA's in:


    Then open up Installous & they will be in your download dir. Just click on them to install in your phone

    just make sure you have installed appsync 3.0:thumbsup:
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