transferring camcorder tapes to dvd? is this possible

    i have a sony handicam hi8 and want to get rid of it and get something slimmer but before i do i need to know how and if its possible to transfer the tapes onto dvd,i have the wires but cant remember last time we played back through the tv,so no clue,any help appreciated,or if any1 knows of anywhere i could take it to get done,as im a bit of a ditzy girl,im in leeds by the way.thanks


    Not sure which model you have, but on mine connect to PC via firewire and use something like Windows MovieMaker to transfer. It's wizard driven and easy to use, also it will allow you to burn to DVD

    i have the same problem,want to turn some tapes to dvds and not sure how,there is a guy on ebay who sells the service,I really must get around to doing something about it soon!

    Check evilbay item number - 300261784321. You can use something like that to do what you need. Just have a look around. I think you can get cheaper "breakout boxes" that do the same things... item number - 280271111522 for example. Check - Dazzle, Win TV, Pinnacle, Matrox etc. Alternatively, buy a cheap tv in/ tv out graphic card,known as "VIVO" for your computer. You won't need the latest card, 256meg and upwards, a simple 128mb card will suffice. Something like an ATI "All in wonder". If you have firewire on your cam,as above ^^ firewire card on your pc,from cam to pc,windows movie maker,sorted :thumbsup:

    Original Poster will have to ask my dad or some1,im getting more confused,thanks for all advice though

    Lots and lots of ways of doing this ,but the cheapest would be to buy a DVD recorder and link it to your camera via the audio/video cables and record directly onto disk . If your camera has a Firewire [ilink] port you can link it directly to a DVD recorder that has a Firewire port on [my Liteon has ] or to a PC and capture .You can also buy capture devices , the device plugs into the USB port on your PC/Laptop and the audio/video cable from your camcorder plug into this device .You then capture using the supplied software .I use the Firewire method for capture onto PC . This makes a better job ,I then edit ,add captions& background music etc ,then write to DVD .But ,remember you will need capture/edingting software and definetly a Firewire card for the PC. HTH

    Depending on how many tapes you have,maybe easier just to get them put on dvd. There is people who advertise on evilbay who do this,about £4 a tape I think if I remember right...I will do any holiday ones you have for free :w00t:

    Original Poster

    lol thanks .only been on hol with my dad and daughter really,you may have been more in luck doing the home ones for free ,lol
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