transferring data from old xbox369 elite to new slim?

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Found 23rd Jul 2010
I bought a transfer cable on eBay and thought it was just a matter if plugging the old drive into the new 360 in one of the USB ports at the back and it automatically detects the transfer cable?

Anyone actually transferred data?

When I go I to settings and memory the hdd is there but no transfer option

I'm now thinking the problem is because it's not an official cable, not sure why that would make a difference?

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The transfer kits normally come with a DVD that has the transfer software on it.

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That was for the older ones though wasn't it?

I stick to an official one, the 3rd party ones need a PC involved too and not worth the risk of losing all your data IMO. The microsoft one is £12.99 at Argos...…FER

The new dash has the facility to detect the cable and transfer content without the disc.

You plug the new hdd onto cable and use usb port at back.... power on and if you have the new dash you will see transfer message.
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Yeah that's what I thought but I'm not getting the message that it's detected the cable

do you have lots of xbl content
if its just a few things can transfer to a usb drive then to the slim
then transfer the licences via

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i've got a few bits not many, it's really game saves etc i want to transfer, how do i do it via usb and transfer licences?

if you have newst dash just put in a usb goto the memory options in settings and format it
it should then act like a big memory card
if its just the saves no need to tranfer licences but if its content too have to use this…on/

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problem is when i try to transfer my saves, because some of the games are installed to the hard drive each one is over 6gb, so iwould have to keep swapping the flash drive and recover my gamertag on each console beofre i will let me move anything, seems like a hell of a lot of messing, i'm going to head into town and try and find an official transfer cable

The 6gb files are the installed games, not the game saves, they should be seperate files.

You can just transfer the save files and then re-install the games on the new console which to be honest probably takes less time then copying them over.

Alternatively I think Blockbuster are renting out the official transfer cable for £4.25 a week, which would be cheaper if you only need to use it once.

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i can't find any seperate files for the game saves so i presumed they were within the installed game??

sadly i don't live anywhere near a blockbuster
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Hmm thats odd, they ceratinly wouldn't be in the same file as the installed game.

What you should have is a folder for each game and within that folder will be the installed game and any saved games.
The games saves will be very small files, usually just a few mb so if you can find them you should have no problem transferring them onto a usb pen, I managed to get all my saved games, plus all my downloaded arcade games, plus some videos and pictures onto a 4gb pen with no problems at all.

Only thing I couldn't get copied was info from original xbox games but in the end I used a data transfer cable as I had one from a previous hard drive - oh yeah ANY of the official data transfer cables should work fine with the new system so I think it must be the cable thats wrong with yours.

One other thing I did have to set up a new profile before I could copy stuff over, it only detected the old hard drive once I had set up a new profile (just went with default name and the 1st avatar that came up). Then once I had trasnferred everything I logged in under my real profile and deleted the default one I had just set up.

Hope this helps!

I did the transfer using the cable. The option only came up once I had done the 'initial setup' on the slim and was at the dashboard. I then transferred everything and it was far quicker than it used to be. The software DVD is definitely not needed for old to slim.

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I bought an original cable today plugged it in and it worked fine.

Now to bring it back to hmv for a refund
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