Transferring HTC Warranty

    Anyone had any experience of doing this? Am selling my Desire (brand new) and the prospective buyer has asked the question about transferring the warranty to him.

    HTCs T&Cs in the little warranty booklet says it can be transferred with their permission and they generally don't refuse permission.

    How exactly is it done? Will the buyer need the dispatch invoice which came with the phone? It was an upgrade, so has no cost on it, just the normal stuff you get on the paperwork.



    ive no idea mate, but worth sending a quick email from here…spx
    they are usually pretty quick to reply.

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    Cheers. Have already mailed them actually ... just wondering if anyone has already done this before. :-)

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    Nope, not yet. That a good or bad thing?

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    All I have is a despatch note from 3 which was sent with it (as it was an upgrade) ... no price or anything. Is that enough? It's got all our personal info on it, so not overly keen on doing that unless I have to.
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