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Found 13th Oct 2008

My laptop has died and the power input socket at the back is kaput. I have a crossover cable but I am unable to transfer files as I have no battery power on the laptop. Apart from buying or borrowing a charged battery or getting the power input socket fixed do you have any ideas what I might do.

Also, is there an easy way to transfer all my favourites on IE to my pc?

Thanks in advance.

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You'll probably need to remove the hard drive from the laptop, and maybe even have to purchase a caddy, with a USB connector, so you can put the drive into that, and then plug that into the PC.

Also when you go to internet explorer, you go to favourites, and import - then you just select the favourites folder which will be on the laptop (external) drive now. That's how it used to be done anyway, not used IE for 3 years.

Take the hdd out of your laptop and get a caddy for it, then you can just plug it into a usb port on your pc.
To transfer your IE favs just copy them from the favourites folder in C:\Documents and Settings\username to the same place on your pc.

Depending on the type of hard drive in the laptop, you could use one of these:…gle


This works well and has external power:…274

Description is wrong, as it DOES NOT support 1.8" drives, but is ok for 2.5 & 3.5's.
Hope it helps
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