Transferring music between iPod and iPhone

Posted 27th Oct
Does anyone know if it’s possible to transfer music between an iPod (running ios 9) and an iPhone (running ios 13)? I have managed to get my music purchased through iTunes no problem but how can I transfer across music that I have uploaded from cd (through laptop to iTunes) without using a laptop? Is there any simple way of doing it by just getting the devices to talk to each other ? Thank you
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not possible
I use a PC programme called SynciOs you can use it to export tracks from your iPod then copy to your iPhone (but make sure in iTunes for your iPhone you have manual manage files ticked)
Your making this impossible by eliminating any form of computer to sync to the iPod. You can’t transfer such files directly from the devices. The only plausible reason for this predicament is that you no longer have access to original laptop/computer that synced up to phone. In that case either rip the cd again to another iTunes or live without it because it’ll threaten to wipe the iPod completely if you want to sync with a new laptop/computer
Ok so have managed to get laptop working to sync iTunes with new phone. I get the following message on laptop

Welcome to your new iphone

set up as new iphone
restore from this backup

which option do I need to pick? I am trying to sort this out for OH but I never use iTunes so haven’t got a bloody clue! He has set up his phone with his Apple ID so that’s fine but if I select set up as new iPhone will that wipe everything he has downloaded to his phone or if I go the restore route will that delete his downloads too? Sorry to be so dense!! I just want his ripped music to be available on his phone too
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