transferring music from ipod nano to ipod touch

    my sons ipod nano is registered to my arse of an ex husbands gf's laptop and he is not around until september and then there is no guarantee he'll sort it then.
    He has just had a ipod touch for his birthday and it would be great if we can transfer his music from the nano to the touch. Does anyone know if this can be done?
    Many thanks
    Also - ive just put music from nokia ovi to disc and then into itunes but it hasnt found the song titles - Can anyone tell me how to get it to name them? or if I can rename them in itunes
    Double thanks

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    this will allow you to get the music from the nano and then you can simply put it into your library to put it on the touch


    the naming tracks is easy you right click on the track in the library and click on get info. you can then rename the tracks etc
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