transferring number plate

    So i purchased a private number plate a few months ago, and i am now selling my car... tomorrow.
    I have lost the original number plates - i must have mis-placed them but have spent the last 2 days trying to find them.

    I need my private number plate as i will be purchasing a new car next week.

    If i call the DVLA tomorrow and do the "take a reg number off a vehicle" service and then "put the reg number back on"

    how can i go and make the new number plates for the new owner of the car? because I would need the V5 log book and my ID and they both wont match.

    Or do the DVLA send you new number plates?

    The buyer urgently needs to purchase the car tomorrow.


    do it online, costs about £80. Then it gives you a printout which you can take to any motorcentre to have the old plates printed for about £20 and stuck on.

    You will have to wait for DVLA to send a new v5 without your private plate before new owner can tax and insure it anyway. They can only use it tomorrow with the plates that are on it.
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    Fill out the old V5 logbook infront of the owner, give him the greenslip so hes happy, (but don't send it off). Wait for the new logbook to come through (takes approx 5 days) then fill the details of change of ownership online.

    the plate belongs to you, not the car. if you go online later and pay £80 to put the private plate on retention, you will be emailed confirmation of the old plate, and you can go and get a set. The v5 doesn't get sent back anymore and the sale is recorded online with the DVLA. They send the new owner a new v5 and you destroy the original. The website is very easy to use.
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