Transferring old 360 to New xbox 360 before exchange - HOW?


    I plan to exchange my elite for the new 360 on release. Is there a way to backup all my data before I get it? I know there is a transfer cable but you cant use the cable unless you have both consoles or can you?

    Is this possible at all or am I just going to lose all my savegames etc?



    You can transfer to usb pen drive if you have a recent update from the last few months but thats a maximum of 16 gig.

    Its 16Gb per usb stick. Bear in mind these are formatted to 'xbox-format' and arent readable normally on the PC.

    Alternatively, purchase/blag a transfer cable and attach your xbox HDD to it. Then download certain software from internet (via Google) and hook the cable to your PC. Software allows you to make image of all data on drive and you then restore it to your new HDD when you get it in the same way.

    You can use the same software to read data from your usb stick - empty it and transfer the next lot - bit more time consuming but you dont need to purchase anything other than the stick

    your better off selling your elite elsewhere, trade in prices have gone down massivily, id advise ebay, youd still get over £100 on there, i did

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    Thanks - will explore those options. Not sure how much space Im using anyway!

    I would sell on ebay but even if I get £100+ I only get £90 odd after fees. Get £80 trade at Game guaranteed. Will see how it goes...

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