Transferring save game data from one Wii console to another

Apologies if I have missed this in the manual, but does anyone know if it is possible to transfer save game data between consoles? My son has been playing Zelda on the family Wii, but has just got his own for university and doesn't want to have to do the 20 odd hours again! Thanks


Well, as far as i am aware, currently the only way to do this is using an SD card.

That requires you to connect the console to the internet (at least once) then insert the SD and transfer saves to the card from the memory settings.

I doubt you would have to buy one though, most people have a small one lying around that came free with a camera etc =) i imagine the save is
Best of luck to you.

You could borrow a card reader and transfer all the data from the sd card into a file on ur pc. Then buy a new sd card - which ur son will need - and then put it into the memory card reader and copy everything inside the file which has the game saves onto that new sd card.

Manzi, thats not neccasary, Only one card is needed to transfer the saves...

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Thanks, both. Typically my camera doesn't use a SD card, but I can get one cheaply enough. Can you explain why I would need to connect to the internet once? Unfortunately I still can't get Broadband where I live and according to the manual I can't connect to a dial up connection. Can't I simply save it to a SD card on one console and put that card in the other and download the save data, or is that too simple!

When you connect to the internet your save section on your wii updates, but to tell you the truth I updated straight away so don't know what save functions where like before the update. To see if it works without the update go to 'wii' then 'data management' then head to where your game is saved, if you click it and select copy while your sd card is inserted it should ask if you want to copy it to sd. If it doesn't then i'm gonna guess you need the update.
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