Transferring USD to Mexico using Revolut

Posted 9th Jan 2020Edited by:"varunadas"
I need guidance from Revolut experts here. I need to make a large USD transfer to a beneficiary in Mexico which I have gradually accumulated in my Revolut account during the recent GBP rise. I planned to make the transfer once the desired amount has been exchanged from my GBP account. The beneficiary bank is Banco Monex which seems to suggest on their website that they charge 62 USD for inward remittances from Europe but 25 USD from USA.…pdf
Do you know if Revolut will use a US Intermediary Bank while transferring the payment ?
Other option I was thinking of was to transfer this amount from Revolut to my Transferwise Borderless account and use Transferwise to pay the Beneficiary.
Please advise.
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