Transform Your Face

Found 9th Jan 2005
Alter your age, sex or see what you'd look like in the style of a famous painter with the Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer.

You will need to have a digital facial image in Jpeg or Gif format and a Java enabled browser. For best results you should use a "passport-style" image of the subject facing the camera with the mouth closed and a neutral expression. You can use any size image, but it will be rescaled to fit in a 640 by 480 pixel window and so this is the recommended resolution.
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This could be quite scary :shock:

I've not laughed so much in ages ! :lol:
mucho fun!! can't stop playing!!
Hmm... I don't need this.... :roll: my face is already transforming :lol:

Actually it is fun Thanks jcat
Very good and funny
anyone brave enough to post the result of their transformation?


ok, the first one looks like a monkey!

POSTED BY: ]jcat 3 years, 5 months ago:|

wow, i didnt notice that!
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