Transformers 2

    Anyone else go see it at 00:01 this morning?



    No Co's I,m scared I 'll turn into a pumpkin.

    nope-reviews have been shocking so will give it a miss. first one was a complete yawnfest.

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    OMG, the first one was brill, second one even better!! its go everything in it!! Comedy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, Happyness, Sadness. Just brill!!

    1st film was. can't really think of a better word. It's hands down one of the coolest moviess ever made. That doesn't mean it's great art but it shows in how successful the 1st one was. The 2nd is very similar really, so reviews have surprised me a little.

    It added the one thing people didn't like about the 1st one. More of the actual "transformers". it diod that, gave some of them more "character", especially Optimus.

    Humur, action, dram, effects and a global theme instead of just the yanks. A great summer movie.

    Megan Fox


    I went at half 10 this morning :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    Megan Fox

    Oh Yes!!



    Oh … Oh Yes!!]

    Is she polishing the handelbars or somthing ??

    I thought it was quality. Megan Fox and that other bird helped like. I liked how the International force consisted of one SAS bloke and The rest Americans and the only flew the Union Flag and The stars and stripes. Good film though, I was cringeing in places mind as I took my 9 y/o daughter. (adult humour)
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