Transformers and Macross Toys

    If I was to post about 20+ Transformers toys for sale here on HUKD, would my thread be closed because it's too trader like? I used to collect transformers toys (mainly the re-issues since 2000) all are unused in box but now thinking of selling them all. Wondered if there are many transformers / macross fans here...


    Nope don't think it would get closed as long as there are no more than 2 identical items you will be fine.

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    so are they many transformers fans here?

    I'm interested in Transformers could you give more details of what you have?

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    I have the following transformers toys for sale (all are japanese release versions):

    Transformers Collection 1-20 (all unused, about half had the box opened but toy never removed from packaging)

    Masterpiece Collection:
    Optimus Prime

    Transformers Re-issue:
    Optimus Prime (2000 issue)
    Optimus Prime (2002 new year issue)
    Optmus Prime (Pepsi re-issue)
    Ultra Magnus
    Rodimus Prime

    Transformers 2000:
    God Fire Convoy

    Jetfire (new in box)

    Evil Jetfire complete in custom made box by Alpha Team 11

    Thats all I can remember from the top of my head, I have more but just can't remember them. I am away from home at the moment so can't post any pictures up yet, if you are interested, let me know which one you are looking for and I'll see if I have it in my collection. All my transformers are new and unplayed, never removed from packaging.

    I have over 500 toys (been collecting for 22+ years) - I also used to work for Hasbro so that helps..

    Dont see a problem posting Transformers deals as long as theyre deals!

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    Not to sure if I should sell anymore things here, seems like whenever you sell lots of items, the mods would always assume that I have to be a trader.
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