Transformers: how do they all fit together

    Hi all,

    looking at getting the entire transformers collection but wondering how they all fit in.
    Once again I call on your collective knowledge/wisdom.

    I have "Classic Transformers" series 1; parts 1 &2
    What do I need to complete my collection?


    was there a need for two threads?

    Original Poster

    whoops I must have double clicked... my mistake

    Right what you have there is Generation 1 Season 1 so far.

    Metrodome do box sets for seasons 2,3 & 4 if you want to get them all separately and then theres the Japanese series' that come afterward.

    Personally I would buy the G1 complete boxset, as it was for sale for about £35 and it would cost you about that to buy all the sets individually.. but seeing as you already have the first 16 episodes its your call, you can maybe get seasons 2, 3 and 4 on ebay cheap?

    Season 2 is split into part 1 and 2 and seasons 3 and 4 is the one you posted above.

    The takara dubbed series' are hard to watch, even as a die hard G1 myself. I appreciate the time and effort the guys went to into dubbing the series but its just not watchable .. except to see some of your old fav characters back again (including some who shouldnt be there - Prowl! etc)

    Send me a pm if you need more details :-)
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