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Found 2nd Jan 2015
Feel free to post deals for official TF:MP figures and KO as well as third party figures

Have been stung a couple of times ordering KO's from China on ebay which never arrived. So now searching for best deals in UK
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sell KO TF:MP figures from UK warehouse
Recently recieved Wheeljack which I am happy with

KO MP-12 Sideswipe £34.09
KO MP-17 Prowl £35.19
KO MP-18 Bluetreak £31.99
KO MP-19 Smokescreen £36.29
KO MP-20 Wheeljack £36.99
KO MP-21 Bumblebee £38.99

As well as some variants
(G2 Sideswipe, Tigertracks, Silverstreak)
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