transformers revenge of the fallen megatron

    Hi, been searching for one of these for my son for xmas. Can't seem to find them anywhere except ebay. It's the large one i am after. My friend got one for her son ages ago and paid just under £30 for it. Found them on ebay but seem to be £40 upwards. Anyone seen them any cheaper please???



    Just give him this smaller one and explain about the credit crunch hitting santa!

    Prime is £25 in Large Prime
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    Is this the one? I got one from this deal, it said it was around £42-£44 reduced to £7.97. So it may come up cheaper again..
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    Yes it is the big megatron. It seems that it is no longer sold in uk shops!! Yikes!! Liking the idea of the large prime tho - thank u AleaxanderCooper! Don't think my son will appreciate the credit crunch tho - lol. He really wants the megatron - think i may have to just fork out ebay prices! The one at £7.97 is the one i want yes mai but have rung tesco direct and they ran out of stock and will not be getting any more.
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