Transformers War for Cybertron selling price

    Just bought this game today................don't like it. Last time I listen to IGN :-(

    So am going to sell it what would be a fair price?



    Take it to Blockbuster trade it in str8 away

    Original Poster

    Was looking to get as much as I can as I bought it today. But you could be right there.

    did u not try the demo???
    btw i would proably but it for £22
    or trade in for SMG2

    buy it for sub £25 maybe

    Original Poster

    Have not been on live for a while and did not check. Regrettable impulse buy.

    Cheers for the offer I will probably just trade in for that price to be honest.

    Not much grabbing my attention lately might just wait for black ops & no more impulse buys :-)

    Original Poster

    CEX buy for £26 may as well do that or exchange for £32. Cheers for the input.

    so you broght the game without the demo?
    how long did you play?
    the game is supposed to excel in MP, have you tried it?
    I PLAYED THE demo quite a lot and i am not bored even though you can only go to level 3 with scout and soldier.
    it takes some time to get into but when you do just give it some time and familiarise yourself with all the controls you probably will like it.

    You listened to IGN?

    cex give £26
    but i think you should give it a try
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