Transit custom

Posted 25th May

Anyone have a transit custom?

Just wondered -
1 if you would recommend?

2 what’s your mpg like?
I know it states figures online but they are often way off

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Take a look at how easy they are to break in to
Wadda25/05/2020 08:27

Take a look at how easy they are to break in to

As above if you get one get additional locks
I would definitely avoid, I’ve had one for just under three years and it’s been by far my worst van. It’s been recovered five times, each time for a different fault. I can’t wait to get rid after lockdown.
I have a 2015 one with the 2.2 Duratorq engine, I think newer ones have a different engine?
I've tracked the mpg ever since I got it and its averaged 35mpg, best ever was 39 on a good run but it drops to 30 or less if I'm doing stop start around town.
It goes well, for acceleration its the fastest van I've ever had, and its nice to drive.
The only gripe is that I'm 6" 4" and the cab is not as roomy as a previous transit, I have to have the seat back fairly upright so the seat goes as far back as possible and even then its a bit tight, but maybe thats just me.
Had a Renault Trafic at one time, didn't like it and had a lot of electrical problems, Transit is better, no hesitation in getting another.
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It’s one of the most stolen vans along with the Mercedes Sprinters in the UK. If you do buy one get a AutoWatch Ghost fitted A.S.A.P, I have the Ghost fitted to my car and before you can start it you have to input a 4-20 random key press using a mixture of buttons on the dash, steering wheel or even electric window switches, even if they have the key it still won’t start without the code best £399 I’ve spent on car security.
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