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Found 14th Sep 2009
As always there is somebody on here who knows more than me, not just my wife. I have spent sometime checking out the cost of CDG airport to Disney. The TGV takes about 10 mins and is about 90 Euros return for 2 adults 1 child. Shuttle bus operators seem to be about 100 + Euros and is 45 mins or i can use the RER A and then B to Marne La Vallee at about 20 Euros each way, each person which takes about 1 hr 20min. Car hire seems about 140 Euros (3 days), and i drive for a living so would be nice not to on holiday.
It all seems so expensive, indeed the 10 min TGV train would cost more than the flights to France did !!
SO finally, does anybody else have a cheaper way/ experience of this journey. Thank you in advance
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just catch the regular bus
You could book a shared private transfer which would take you direct to the hotel, with RS Transport who have a good reputation on the DIS boards. Not a great deal cheaper I don't think but no hassle at all for slightly less cost. TBH there aren't any cheap options.
or try Tio Shuttle or
Have a look here for all the options:…423
We used RS Transports (private taxi) as there were 6 of us and it worked out about the same as the bus, but only took 35 minutes and was a lot less hassle. It was 85 euros each way.

just catch the regular bus

I assume you mean, the Disney Vea shuttle, just read about it, Comes to 94 Euro.

Have just looked at the shuttle link. They are certainly the cheapest i have seen.

Thank you for all your help. It just seemed so expensive for a 10 minute journey by train. Had wondered if i was missing something obvious.
my advice is DONT book ahead for the transfer,when you come downstairs in the terminal there are loads of shuttle operators competing with each other and you can easy negotiate a decent deal.

the vea bus(regular) will take you to disney but NOT direct to your hotel-they drop you at the park shuttle station and then you need to get the disney bus to your hotel.

get either a private or a shared shuttle-if you spot someone on your flight with 3/4 in their party,ask them if they want to share. shuttle will take you direct to your hotel.

the first time we went we prebooked with vea for the bus,only to find we could have hired a people carrier cheaper for the 6 of us.

go downstairs at the terminal,and believe me you will be approached by loadsa people wanting your business-all speak perfect english.
a coupla more tips for you m8-the shuttle drops you at the park-in the train station beside the park shuttle area is a small supermarket-stock up on coke/crisps/sweets every morning here before you enter the park-inside its mega expensive!

if you have breakfast included at hotel-get your missus to take a large handbag to brekkie and make up sandwiches,wrap em in napkins and use them for lunch-everyone does it!

have dinner one night at cafe mickey in the disney village-kids absolutely LOVE it-the caharcters come out and dance on tables,pose for pics,sign autographs throughout the entire meal-its amazing!
Thank you all who took the time to reply with your good advice.
I do not recommend to take the shuttle bus RS Transport. We found ourselves at the back with a Pakistani driver to do that before "flying" between the platforms of the machines, he took one junction in the wrong fearing for our lives. In addition, the more painful to arrival at the airport Beauvais, we unloaded away from the gate entrance, demanded more money.
Also in the adventure of the journey I fell a pair of sunglasses that I really wanted. Back in Italy I wrote booking agency that assured me about the discovery. Happy to look quieted news package sent, something that never happened. Writing in continuation Agency answered me when they wanted, arrogant and reassuring to have patience.
A true jack around that disappointed me and made me realize that people there. Not serious, thief in the opportunities that arise and dishonest. I do not recommend them.
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