transporting water..

my friend asked me to post this for him:

me and my friend are doing something for one day only to see how much money we can make in a day, we have a car to transport us round, however what we are going to do, requires water and it looks abit unprofessional if we ask our customer to provide it. i need ideas of how we can transport the most amount of water possible by car for cheap aswell.
its an estate, the best we have come up wth is a water butt which can hold 500litres

any ideas??


A big water bottle.

500 litres thats half a tonne of water

You need to have the water in smaller tanks. Don't take the risk of putting a large tank in the back of the car because the movement of the water will make the car unstable, and you'll probably get drowned if you brake suddenly:). A camping shop should have collapsible water carriers.

Blag some drums from a chip shop, they get their oil in em. Im sure you know someone who knows someone.

or..if you know anyone in a garage...they are bound to have some old drums. Just be sure to clean thoroughly.


make sure you are covered by your insurance, if you have an accident they might not pay out if you are over the mgw of your car. Also take out public liability and commercial insurance, are you sure it's worth doing this for ONE day only?


Or do you want to borrow my brand new VW Crafter MWB Hi Roof?


Your doing that stupid apprentice thing and trying to wash as many cars as possible?

It will eat half your profits to buy a suitable container.

Take a bucket and pee in it as required.:)

Get a trailer from somewhere and cart the water around in that (in containers of course).

I shall await with baited breath for your knock on my door with a chamois leather in your hand any discount for 2 cars?
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