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    i bought transformers on blu ray for my ps3, i put it in and it says loading, but then nothing at all happens, waited ages, traded it because thought it may have been faulty and same problem, all my other blu rays work fine, i got a 60gb ps3, anyone know why this might be or anyone have similar problem, thanks


    I remember reading that a number of Blu Ray players had a problem playing this due to it needing (I think) Blu Ray profile 2 and a lot of players hadn't or couldn't be firmware upgraded to it.
    Never used a PS3 so this might not be the problem you have, but it might be worth checking which profile is installed on your machine ?

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    thankyouuuuu steve 1221, il look into it

    I have transformers on blu ray and had the same loading time the first time I played it on my ps3.I think it took about 10 minutes to load the first time, then after that it just loads instantly. Also like someone said you may have to upgrade your firmware. You can do a system update from the home screen. Or instead try playing another blu ray film first as some of them prompt you to upgrade the blu ray player in your ps3, which might fix the problem. I think it was Black Hawk Down that prompted me to download this. Since then I have noticed quicker loading times on all my other films. Hope this helps

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    thanks jim, helped

    no worries mate
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