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    Basically I'm flying to Auckland tomorrow night (something stupid like 25 hour flight) and just wondering whether anyone thinks its a good idea to get only a little sleep tonight so that I am tired when I board the flight tomorrow (and hopefully be able to sleep!)

    Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated (I really hope I get a good seat, maybe Ill be lucky and get an upgrade!??)


    I am a regular flier but have never been able to sleep on a flight ( nor for that matter a train or bus either ) . It's difficult to give advice because it depends on yourself. Can you get off to sleep on aeroplanes ? If you think you will be able to i would advise you to not sleep before so you tire yourself out. Enjoy N Z .

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    Thanks darren, the thing is I havnt flown in about 5 years, so I'm nit really sure. I think in the past I haven't been able to but not sure now:-(... Might try the whole tire myself out trick...

    When I flew to Sydney a few years back I inadvertently had little sleep the night before so did manage to doze most of the way. I was lucky though that I had 2 seats to myself

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    Ye im pretty worried about the lack of room (I'm 6'0- so leg room will prob be tight) apparently this weekend is the busiest of the year so am not sure I will be lucky with spare seats next to me.

    Smack yourself up on Night Nurse or a 1st generation antihistamine such as chlorphenaramine (piriton). There is evidence that Melatonin is useful for jet lag although I dont think you can buy it in the UK. The proper advice is to go to bed and get up at the normal time in each country. Thats asking a bit much due to the time difference of the country ur visiting.

    You could go to Skegness instead th!at would solve the problem

    If you get Nightnurse or piriton dont tell the pharmacy what ur using it for as they wont sell it to you. It has to be nightnurse (not daynurse) its the diphenhydramine in the liquid that has its effect. Im not a junky by the way lol

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    Lol I'm not sure it's good to give it a try if I haven't ever had it before. Maybe waking up early tomorrow (4-5 hours sleep) will do the job... Nz is long...

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    Skegness sounds better at the mo lol...

    Try to scrounge some sleeping tablets. I can never sleep on the plane no matter how long the flight is, it's just so uncomfortable. Next time I go to Florida, I'm going to try them. The thought of a 25 hour flight with no sleep is terrifying.

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    Lol thanks for the thumbs up deek! Lol

    No - just stick to your usual routine.
    Long haul flights are like a separate universe anyway, so whether you sleep, doze, stay awake due to cramped conditions or fury at the luggage some fellow passenger has stowed in your overhead, is in the lap of the gods.

    A bit ago, I thought it would be a good idea to readjust my sleep pattern for a very early flight - the outcome was that I was completely exhausted and couldn't think straight. At the last minute, I though - oh I must pack sunscreen etc (expensive!!), so I put them in hand luggage and of course it all showed up at security and was confiscated. I was so embarrassed

    Enjoy NZ

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    Yup I looked on seaturu as well actually. I'm flying with qantas and they seem to charge (about £100) for seats in the exit aisles! Not sure if I will be able to gt great seats, prob thinking about a window one so that I can lean on the window and fall asleep. And badass you slept all those flights? Your otherwise a very heavy sleepr or you were very drugged up...

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    Ok kl, I'll try that with them tomorrow. Hopefully they'll give me one of the better seats. Fingers crossed.

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    Actually I might try that. I'll ask at check in tomorrow if I can get one of those seats at the back (going by a 747 too). Hopefully there won't be anyone else next to me so it will be 2 seats for myself:-)... I can always hope
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