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    Looking at taking my 7 year old god-daughter (cousin) away with me to Florida this Autumn. I wasn't sure whether not any special provisions would need to be made in order to pass through immigration etc.

    Anyone have any advice on this?



    You need to fill in ab ESTA form it is free and easy to do link below…DB2

    I believe that if neither of her parents are travelling you will need to have written permission from them.

    Stillahilly has it correct Neil.
    You are best advised to draw up a letter yourself addressed "To whom it may concern"
    with the other parent/partners' address,home-work-mobile nos. present ,
    in case any authorities want to contact them.
    I have done the same, to take my children to other countries 4 times now,
    without my ex-partner.
    If the letter states the other partner " can take the children to_________from date________to date________ with my permission" and then is signed, you should have no problems.
    Keep it handy whilst going through passport controls, but I have never been asked for any paperwork although I always have it, so as the holiday doesn't get disrupted.

    They will take your finger print as you enter and you may be asked for your esta forms, I was,.Just cover all bases and take permission letters .If you get the change Discovery Cove is expensive but a day you will always remember

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    Thanks for all your advice I will look into the ESTA form and get a letter drawn up etc. Just want to make sure it goes off without a hitch.
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