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    Going on holiday next week and I remember seeing a while back a device you can charge seperately which when needed acts as a sort of external battery and it plugs into most items like phone, mp3 etc. Anybody had experience of these, are they any good and where;s the cheapest place at the moment.

    Also, i have been looking for portable dvd players but none seem to run off batteries, anyone know different?


    [SIZE=4]Do you mean this?[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=4]I bought a couple from One in car, one in wife's handbag[/SIZE]

    Emergency Mobile Phone Charger
    Instant phone" alt="" />
    Emergency Mobile Phone ChargerStandard Unit/Connectors £4.95
    iPod Connector £1.5
    This latest model has just hit the UK shores (Nov 07) and now works with all the latest phones, PDA's, and even has iPod Compatibility. It also gives up to twice as much power as those chargers using a single AA battery so you can chat or listen to your tunes for even longer.

    Running out of power for your mobile puts a serious dent in your communication possibilities, and is in short a total nightmare. With this cool key ring at your side such experiences are a thing of the past.

    Just pop the Emergency Charger in your pocket along with your keys, cash, mobile phone or iPod and relax, safe in the knowledge that you've taken all necessary precautions to avoid a temporary personal power cut.

    Just insert 2 AA batteries (not included), and plug it in for an instant charge giving you up to 4 hours talk time or 20 hours standby (device dependent).

    As just about every corner shop or petrol garage sells AA batteries, even if the one you're carrying runs out, another battery will always be close to hand. The gizmo has a red 'charging status' indicator light to show charging is taking place.

    If you want this gadget to power up your iPod in emergency 'no tunes!' situations, please purchase the extra connector. A full charge will give about 2.5 - 4 hours listening time.

    Standard Compatibility (Included with main unit automatically):
    [*]Nokia 6230 Pop-Port Series (3.5mm Standard): 1100/ 1101/ 1110/ 1600/ 2100/ 23xx/ 26xx/ 3100/ 3120/32xx/ 33xx/ 3410/ 3510/ 36xx/ 5100/ 5140/ 5410i/ 60xx/ 6100/ 6170/ 6220/ 6230/ 6230i/ 6260i/ 6310/ 66xx/ 68xx/ 72xx/ 7380/ 76xx/ 800/ 9300/ 9500/ Ngage
    [*]Nokia 6233 Series (2mm Standard): 1112/ 3250/ 5500/ 6101/ 6103/ 6111/ 6125/ 6131/ 6136/ 6233/ 6234/ 6270/ 6280/ 7360/ 7370/ Exx/ Nxx
    [*]Sony-Ericsson. Fastport 750i/ J100i/ J220i/ J230i/ K310i/ K510i/ K610/ K750i/ K790i/ K800i/ M600i/ P990i/ S600i/ V630i/ W8xx/ W9xx/ Z520i/ / Z530i/ Z550i/ Z710i/ W700i/ W800i/ W810i/ W900i/ W950i and all other phones using fastport (see picture)
    [*]Blackberry: 7100t/ 7100V/ 7100x/ 7130V/ 7230/ 7290/ 8100 PEARL/ 8700g/ 8707v (not 7700 series)
    [*]Motorola V3 Series: E770V/ E1070/ L2/ L6/ L7 SLVR/ U6 PLEB/ V230/ V235/ V3/ V3i/ V3X/ V3 RAZR/ V360
    [*]Any phone using a mini USB connector as the charger (eg most current PDA's eg O2 XDA's)
    [*]Samsung D800 Series: D520/ D8xx/ D900/ E870/ E900/ P300/ X820/ Z400/ Z510/ Z520/ Z540 6280/ 7360/ 7370/ Exx/ Nxx[/LIST]Please Note - Extra iPod Compatibility: This emergency charger is compatible with iPods but you need to buy the extra iPod connector above for £1.50." alt="" />

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    found this from searching, ]http//ww…des

    looks interesting, says that it has 1700mAh of power which i think is pretty good, anyone else verify?

    Also, does anyone know of a portable dvd player that runs from batteries? thanks

    HI , solar powered one or the wind up one, on this weeks gadget show, look ok..... i have a tesco one about £5 you put a batt in it, and it charges a phone ok.. not sure about mp3 ?.. Some home mains chargers dont charge all my mp3 players anyway ? depends how much current they pull... But for the phone the tesco ones are ok.. PLAY.COM , sell one that does charge a phone + mp3 also.. got one the other week , on offer for about £4.. but they may have gone up now.. mart
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