Posted 24 November 2023

Travel check in luggage. - Worth investing in an expensive one

I need a new travel check in luggage. I've seen one from Samsonite £170 which is considered cheap for this brand and I want to go with this brand as my mate has it but it's still expensive for me. My mate has had no issues with there's and still going strong but I want opinions from others before I make a purchase. As I can buy the same size for £30 at my local high street. Thoughts?
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  1. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    Why do you want that brand just because your mate has it? £170 on a suitcase is a ludicrous price for it to get flung around and no care at all given. Most I've spent on a suitcase is £70 and that was for a massive one and it's lasted me well over a decade and no signs of failing.
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    Op, buy whatever - just take images of it pre-flight and then give it a good checking all over once you land/ baggage colle6. If any damage, go straight to the baggage claim desk and ask for the 'damage to luggage ' form. Must do this before going through security... cos once you've left, you're too late.

    I think soft luggage has less chance for damage- the hard shell ones on the other hand..pffft. plus, they add massive kgs to am already restricted weight allowance. (edited)
  2. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    The stronger a case looks, the more abuse will be assumed it can take, and in baggage handling it will get it. Hard cases go at the bottom of the pile.
    If Samsonite is like Antler with their replacement guarantee, then what you are paying for is for them to replace a cheap case.
    Avoid Antler. I raided a skip that had so many damaged returns in it that it put me off the brand.
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    Not worth it with the way that airlines treat checked in luggage. I find that Tripp suitcases are usually good quality for the price. (edited)
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    My Tripp one (from Argos at the time) is over 10 years old and still going strong, was like £30 at the time. It's been around the world, not as if I only use it once a year.
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    Have had an £18 case from Primark for 5 years with no problems and it gets used monthly
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    I wouldn’t recommend samsonite to anyone for the cost I find them poor.

    have a small work case that is way worse than the Wagner one it replaced

    their American tourist brand is poor also, couple of years in wheels jam and squeak 
  6. windym's avatar
    It is worth investing IMHO. We use Briggs and they come with a no quibble repair service. They aren't cheap but then they aren't quite Rimowa either.
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    Bruh Briggs pricing is another level.
  7. bob-mk2's avatar
    Buy a new suitcase, fill it full of clothes and throw it down the stairs in your house.

    If that makes you unhappy, then you have the wrong suitcase.
  8. CheddarChar_'s avatar
    if you're a military age male you shouldn't even need a suitcase. a duffel bag is your best friend. my north face duffel has been to every corner of the globe many time over and is good as new.
    if you are really after a suitcase I suggest rimowa. quite expensive but will last years
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    Same situation myself. I think my hardshell has finally died - just so much you can do with duct tape. Can't justify a Samsonite - what is the point of a suitcase that will survive a plane crash when you won't. Ok they're lighter but £100+ to save a kg or so?? - more of a theft target too? As long as it will survive the trip that's all that counts. Don't care at all about looks and scuffs - my cases are total one of a kind, all stickers and dayglo. Think of them as an expendable consumable with a limited lifespan and put the cost in the context of the cost of the holiday. Don't go too cheap either or you'll be picking your underwear off the carousel piece by piece. I'd like one with clamps not zips - watch youtube on how to get into a suitcase with a biro - but again, the cost! Lockable strap is a deterrent and cheaper.
    Tripp came out well in the recent Which report for value so I'd consider one of these which come in around £50 off their website atm. I'll be happy if we get 3-4 years out of it frankly. We tend to move around a lot on hols so, for flexibility we use a hard shell clam opening together with a soft shell which is top opening. TSA lock is good. Huge fan of packing cubes btw. Hard shell are a bit heavier but rain/ water/smashed dutyfree tight and tougher. Medium (about 70litres) is good for us because of internal 15kg limit flights. We also have a large American Tourister that is functional and stood the test of time. Steers like a Tesco trolley though.
    Edit: just noticed Tripp have zipper less cases too (edited)
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