Travel from Dundee to Bristol

    My sister is coming down from Dundee (i live in Bristol) and i've said i'll pay for travel costs
    any ideas out there?
    don't mind how she travels
    and min changes please
    travel on march 19th
    going back March 23rd
    national express, go by coach, virgin trains etc etc


    Straight return £143.50 by rail. A bit much methinks.

    So, by purchasing separate Advance single tickets:

    Dundee to Birmingham NS 19th March 0735-1407 £29.50
    Birmingham NS to Bristol TM 19th March 1412-1539 £15.50
    Bristol TM to Birmingham NS 23rd March 1130-1256 £15.50
    Birmingham NS to Dundee 23rd March 1303-1944 £29.50

    A total of £90 which is a bit more like it.

    These are on through trains from Dundee to Bristol and return.

    Because the tickets split the journey into two legs it is probable that the seat allocated will change at Birmingham in each direction although if the indicator above the seat shows 'not reserved' for the section after Birmingham there is no need to move.

    On a journey of this length I'd recommend the train, especially as the coach journey is £65.90 by National Express with changes at Glasgow and Birmingham and lasts over 12 hours each way.

    PS Following yet another series of irrational Governmental decisions which apparently took no account of service standards when reawarding the rail franchise contracts (see GNER changing to National Express for a prime example) these services are now operated by Crosscountry Trains. It's exactly the same Voyager trains as Virgin.

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    thank you for that
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