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    Anyone have any past experience arranging travel insurance for someone not in the UK?

    My lads in New Zealand and has been for over a year. His insurance ran out a while ago, but as he wasn't traveling so it wasn't a problem.

    At the end of August he's leaving NZ for China and backpacking back to the UK.

    I've gone to get him travel insurance for the trip, on the site a full policy to cover everything is £150.00. I had to call them to ask about something at which point they tell me that, that price is only if he's starting from the UK??? (nothing on their site to say this, mind you).
    As he's starting from NZ they'll still cover him but the cost is £435!
    What's the start point got to do with anything (apart from giving them the option to rip people off)? He wants to cover to start when he gets to China, New Zealand or the UK has got nothing to do with it.

    Has anyone done this, or know of company that doesn't take the Micheal?



    try a nz insurer


    Send him some money and have him buy his insurance in New Zealand.

    Basically teh UK insurer see the risks as higher - and insurance is a risk based business.

    I am guesing he is UK passport holder but with a recidency permit for NZ.

    will he return to NZ after he visits UK?

    I could imagine that teh big risk for the insurer is that they would not have same access to medical records that they have in UK and therefore could not verify medical history in the case of a claim - hence teh higher risk for the insurer. So not really a rip off - just insurance compnay covering its preceived risks

    Best bet would be to take out travel insurance in NZ based on NZ address and not declare no intetntion if return if that is the case. Hopefully NZ insureres will cover UK passport holders who are NZ residents - bbut check that out too



    Having sold travel insurance in the past, most UK insurers need trips to start and end in the UK, the insured also needs to be registered with a UK doctor. As a british citizen the UK has everything to do with Insuring him, where will he be repatriated to in the event of illness.

    Check out backpacking insurance and not mainstream travel insurance which is geared up towards holidaymakers.

    Say what? I paid £16 for a years worldwide insurance - covering most things except extreme sports.


    Say what? I paid £16 for a years worldwide insurance - covering most … Say what? I paid £16 for a years worldwide insurance - covering most things except extreme sports.

    yes that is feasable - assuming you are young / no medical conditions / not USA / and for max 3 weeks at a time - and very basic T&Cs

    OP is looking for longer trip insurance with non UK resisdency - totally diffeernt situation so no comparion


    I see what you mean - just checked as the extended journey one does come up as £140 - but that is from here and for no more than 365 days.
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