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Found 16th Jan 2010
can anyone advise me who to use please for travel insurance we are a family of 5.
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Try Atlas. They were cheap for us.
thats great thankyou for answering will have a look now x
Money supermarket is always a good place to start.

If you are with Halifax bank for £7 (£12 fee + £5 cashback if you put more than £1000pm in) you can get it free of charge, however always check the cover as it can massively vary from policy to policy
thats great thank you ! its a bit more tricky this year cause one of our children has been diagnosed with a medical condition but currently not on medication as yet but that could change depending on how he is.
try columbus it was the cheapest for us my oh has a medical condition but you have to ring them
thanks for that x
post office have good deals
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