Travel Insurance

    Does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced reputable travel insurance?


    Aviva ! They now offer enforced stay abroad cover for £5 extra each person! I think there's a annual cover aswell. I got stuck abroad last year and cost me an extra £2000 so i wouldn't travel without it! There may be other companies that offer the same type of cover but don't go for the cheapest out there as the insurance isnt worth claiming for after you read the small print. Hope that helps !!

    have a look here -…?dd

    and the other articles on the site to get cover you need at the best price

    I used these people:

    who were cheap, and also pay out. I was on a boat that sank, and lost most of what I had with me, and after 2 exchnges of paperwork received a payment.

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    thanks for the advice ppls! Not sure about aviva tho, I used them a while back (as NU) and thought they were great, seem much more costly now tho.
    thanks again.
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