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    hi, going to america this coming december and due to the bad weather at both america and england last year, thought i'd get some good insurance that will cover us for anything,,, can anyone suggest any good travel insurance policies ?


    The post office do really good insurance, it will cover u against cancelled flights ash clouds etc, 1 of the best covers around I found. Also there is a price increase in about 1 week so I would get asap, may not b the best value but sometimes u get what u pay for.

    If your flights are cancelled your airline will refund, If you can't make the hotel you will have to pay a no show, usually one night.
    Most insurances will not pay compensation, only reimbursement, which is already covered by most bog standard policies.
    I was stuck in the ash cloud and the airline paid my expenses for land travel as well as reimbursed my ticket price. Insurance won't pay if the airline is liable as you could then double claim.
    Oh, one other thing, I booked flights only on that occassion with Easyjet !!!! always come up cheapest when I do a quote. Quidco pays 17.5%.
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