Travel Insurance

    I was wondering if anyone here is a travel insurance boff?!

    I'm going away on Sunday, I work online and basically travel the world as I go. So I spend the vast majority of my time overseas.

    I have been looking into travel insurance policies and all the policies i've seen have required me to have lived in the UK for the last 6 months of 12 months.

    Does anyone know of any insurers or policies that don't have this requirement?

    Any help greatly appreciated

    4 Comments…tml gives the basics but the standard rule is that you are a UK resident which is often decided by the criteria you give. You could pick one and phone them they might still cover you.
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    Original Poster

    Ok I will take a look, thanks

    look into (or could be .com) and there is a 20% off voucher on here. It says expired but it isn't.

    Assuming you carry laptop and gadgets you want covered, I'd recommend a good annual coverage with high coverage on what you carry:…nce
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