Travel insurance - Churchill lack of effort...anyone else?

Found 19th Feb 2010
Well last year I had worldwide travel insurance with Churchill. They were far off being the cheapest but they did appear to offer a better level of cover, especially for personal items like cameras/laptop etc.

Anyway, they sent me a renewal notice a couple of weeks ago and it was just as dear with less cover, more exclusions. I have not claimed. have my car and house with Churchill, never claimed on them for either of those either and I fit a nice profile for an insurer. They called me to 'remind' me to renew my travel insurance. I very politely told the guy 'well I haven't renewed because I am looking around for an alternative as you are one of the dearest' 'oh, ok, well just a reminder that your insurance expires on xxx'

How poor is that? You would at least expect some dialogue about well if you get a better quote call us, or well can we tempt you with a 10% discount? Nothing. If they can't be bothered nor can I Better to move all my insurance to a company that can be bothered or at least are cheaper too.

If anyone can recommend a good worldwide annual travel insurance - not looking for thecheapest - but a very good level of cover at a realistic price - that would be helpful. Half these policies are not worth the paper they are written on otherwise.
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they always believe you will be too lazy to go somewhere else, as renewal is so much easier

show them they are wrong, vote with your money or feet

you can ring around for ages, or try this:

do you have any local companies that are insurance brokers? i usually find my one can be squeezed to give some much better deals than dealing direct.
we have found columbus cheaper for us the last three years(oh got medical problems) but we dont get renewal we ring for a new quote each time they were also cheapest for sister and family and also my mum whose 65 good luck in your search x
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