Travel Insurance for Diabetics

    I wonder if anyone can help? I'm diabetic and need travel insurance for Europe only. I insured with diabetes UK up until a year or so ago when mY premium raised more than double. Does anyone know a reputible company that insures 'pre-existing' medical conditions? :thumbsup:


    My O/H is a diabetic and I'm 98% sure an E1 11 (EHIC) covers you for Europe.

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    Yeah it does (for certain things) but according to the Department of Health web site: In most countries around the world you will have to pay for treatment so travellers are strongly advised to take out private health insurance. The UK has reciprocal healthcare agreements with some countries, which enables travellers to receive free or low cost emergency care.

    [SIZE=2]I'm Type 2 diabetic and have used Endsleigh Insurance in the past . Very competitively priced and they cover you for any pre -exisiting medical condition which you have had and which has been effectively controlled for more than 12 months .[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]I read all the terms and condtions thoroughly online and went to the local Endsleigh office to check once again that I was interpreting them correctly - they even did all the paperwork there and then for me at the same price as it would have been online. Very helpful indeed [/SIZE]

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    Thanks San54 that is very helpful and I will now pop over to the Endsleigh site and sort things out...I've been turned down by other companies and apart from a dodgy looking one have found nothing - so I appreciate this.

    Welcome to HUKD San54
    Great post, thanks :thumbsup:

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    I've popped over and sent an email letting them know of my diabetes and other health problems and they reply within 24 hours (which'll be Monday now I assume)?
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